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Our history

Angela Maria Mejía was born in a small town in the coffee region of Colombia. She learned her family's generations-old recipes and fell in love with Colombian cuisine as a young girl. In the 1990's Angela, her husband, and three children migrated to the US due to the social unrest in Colombia. They settled in Weston in 1996.
Angela witnessed the large migration of Colomblans to weston during the 1990s. In 2001, she founded La Pequeña Colombia Bakery and Restaurant or "Little Colombia" to  give them a taste of home.

Throughout the past 20 years. the restaurant has been much more than a business or restaurant, it's a little piece of Colombia inside Weston.
Angela raised her three children in Weston and is now happily watching her grandchildren grow up here as well. One of the remarkable things about her restaurant is the fact that it doesn't just serve the Colombian community. People of all walks of life, backgrounds, and heritage enjoy the wonderful home-cooking.

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More about us

Learn more about our story as seen in Emmy Award winning restaurant review program hosted by the talented Chef Michelle Berstein.   

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